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Kite Photos Gallery

We fly whenever and wherever we can. Here are a few photos of the SmileFactor10 kite collection - taken at Morecambe Catch the Wind Kite Festival, Chester Kite Festival, Wirral International Kite Festival, Kendal's Kites at The Castle and at kite displays, kite events and kite festivals around the UK.

Delta kites at Ennerdale Lake Scuba diver at Kites at The Castle, Kendal Octopus and scuba diver kites at St Bees Beached Art Fun at the Kites at The Castle event, Kendal
Dragonfly kite at Hest Bank, near Morecambe Octopus kite at Westmorland County Showground Solfest kite at Harewood House Kite Festival, Leeds The SmileFactor10 Kites at The Castle event, Kendal
Dog kites at Catch The Wind Kite Festival, Morecambe Giant Nemo kite at Chester Kite Festival 16ft hippo kite at NKG fly-in, Fleetwood beach Ground level kite display at Cape Verde
Revolution 4-line kite flying at Cape Verde Unicorn kite at Wirral International Kite Festival 16ft dog kite at Arnside estuary Wallace and Gromit 2-line stunt kite at Chester Kite Festival
Kendal Kites at The Castle 2012 Hand painted Chinese dragon kite (temporary loan) Ladybird ground bouncers at Kites at The Castle, Kendal With our Peter Lynn Gecko at Wirral Kite Festival
Kites at The Castle 2011 photo competition winner - by Teresa Hill Flowform lifter kite made by Craig Gecko at Kendal Castle kite festival 32ft hippo at Warden Park - Leyland Festival
A string of hippos at St Anne's Kite Festival Recycled Solfest tent manta ray The tallest teddy bear in the world?

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